We manage each step of the process.

Solar + Real Estate

Our team leverages experience on both sides of rooftop solar. As a real estate company, we understand the importance of risk mitigation and tenant satisfaction. As an energy company, we understand how to overcome typical barriers and provide a solution that creates value for all parties.


We start with a preliminary estimate, then inspect your utility bills and roof to ensure a good fit.

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Property Inspection

Nessel Energy addresses your roof upfront, prior to installing solar energy. Our team will inspect the roof to determine the amount of work needed to ensure that it lasts for the life of the solar project. Our engineers review your switchgear and other equipment to ensure safe, reliable operation.

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Contract Signing

We sign a typical site lease agreement, just like your other tenants, except our rent is certain for a longer period of time and includes low cost renewable electricity.

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Development and Construction

We secure permits, notify the utility, and prepare for installation. Our seasoned project managers minimize impact to your other tenants and ensure your roof lasts over the long haul.

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Ongoing Maintenance

You simply collect your lease payments and enjoy a lower cost of electricity. Our team handles regular system and roof inspections and maintenance to ensure everything is running properly.

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Now is the time to add solar as a tenant.

A combination of Federal and state-level incentives is creating a unique opportunity to earn high lease rates for solar on your property. Learn how Nessel Energy’s Rooftop Revenue Program℠ can benefit your organization.

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Nessel Energy provides sustainable energy solutions for real estate owners and developers through our unique Rooftop Revenue Program℠. We leverage over 20 years of real estate experience across commercial, multifamily, and industrial properties to provide unparalleled energy advising and services.

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