We partner with brokers and other agents to find rooftop lease opportunities.

Help us identify roofs to lease for solar through our lucrative commission structure.

A combination of Federal and state-level incentives is creating a unique opportunity for property owners to earn high lease rates for solar while enjoying the benefits of lower priced electricity.

In order to expand solar energy adoption across the state, Nessel Energy is partnering with real estate brokers to find opportunities and advocate for our roof lease product. In return, we offer a lucrative commission structure.


Property owners can lower OPEX and increase NOI.

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Increased NOI

We pay attractive lease rates to property owners to use the roof for an on-site solar energy system. Plus, owners and tenants get electricity at a low rate.

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Tenant Value

The building’s energy will be cleaner, and cheaper, than a competing location. We can help switch tenant billing to pass through electricity savings.

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Investor Benefits

Higher NOI and lower cap rate translates to more value. Even if a property owner sells a building with on-site solar, they can expect a higher valuation to reward the decision.

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Reduced OPEX

Property owners and tenants alike can benefit from the lower electricity cost of on-site solar energy. We supply electricity to the building at lower rates than from the local utility.

Broker FAQ

Leverage your real estate knowledge to earn new commission income.

Ideal brokers have existing relationships with commercial and industrial building owners in New Jersey.

Nessel Energy is seeking brokers and referral agents that are willing to approach property owners to create additional NOI by utilizing a stranded rooftop asset.

Brokers get paid a referral fee that is paid at contract signing, construction start, and project completion. The specific payment structure and referral rate depends on your region and the terms of the contract with the customer.

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Now is the time to add solar as a tenant.

A combination of Federal and state-level incentives is creating a unique opportunity to earn high lease rates for solar on your property. Learn how Nessel Energy’s Rooftop Revenue Program℠ can benefit your organization.

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Nessel Energy provides sustainable energy solutions for real estate owners and developers through our unique Rooftop Revenue Program℠. We leverage over 20 years of real estate experience across commercial, multifamily, and industrial properties to provide unparalleled energy advising and services.

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